The Guelph Guild of Storytellers, founded in 1984, promotes the oral tradition of storytelling for adult audiences. Please note that many of our stories are too long or complex for younger audiences.

We welcome tellers with all levels of experience. Members often get together to help build and polish our stories. If there’s enough demand, we’ll run a Beginning or even an Intermediate Storytelling workshop.

Many local groups have workshops, concerts, and directories of groups and individual tellers. Some of the groups are: Baden Storytellers’ Guild, Burlington Storytellers’ Guild, Storytelling Toronto, and Storytellers Canada-Conteurs du Canada.

The Guelph guild has two main series during the year:

  • Fall, Winter and Spring, on the first Wednesday evening of each month at 7pm we present Tales from the Hill, open mic storytelling at the Guelph Civic Museum, 52 Norfolk St. Telling, not reading. Please contact us first if your story is over 10 minutes.
  • Summer, 10:30 Friday mornings, at Riverside Park’s Enabling Gardens, we have Tea ’n’ Tales Concerts. The one-hour program consists of performances by local and invited tellers, as well as several local musicians. The 2017 summer season included guest tellers Adwoa Badoe, Jan Sherman, Brad Woods, Jay Wilson, Donna McCaw, Elizabeth Matson, Brenda Lewis, Gayle Ackroyd, James Gordon, and Sarah Abusarar.


Events from Other Groups

Please see the Baden Storytellers’ Guild Events page. (The guilds share a webmaster, who finds it much easier to keep one page reliably up to date than two.)


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